Fispa Live > Attendees

Kevin Ansley (and guest Ranell Ansley) @ Pathwayz Communications, Inc.

Tyler Armour @Mainstream Fiber Networks

John Babineaux @ REACH4 Communications

Rob Barlow @ WireIE

Ancilla Brady @ Fiber Broadband Association

Bob Brentnall (and Guest Sharon Brentnall) @ South Valley Internet

Elise Brentnall (and Guest Scott Soreson) @ South Valley Internet

Bryan Brooks @ Pavlov Media

Dan Bubb @ Gorge Networks, Inc.

David Butler @ NeoNova-API Digital

Jason Champion @ NeoNova-API Digital

Paul Chapman @ Pathwayz Communications, Inc.

Chris Cooper @ Intelliwave Broadband

Kathryn Cooper @ Intelliwave Broadband

Dani Dean @ Mainstream Fiber Networks

Jay Dominque @ Reach4 Communications

Joe Edwards @ REACH4 Communications

Brian Gabriel @ Mainstream Fiber Networks

Lynn Gabriel @ Mainstream Fiber Networks

Andy Germano @ BEC Technologies

Josh Gray @ Baltic Networks USA

Justin Griffith ( and guest Kelly Griffith) @ Pathwayz Communications, Inc.

Bill Heinz @ PBX-Change

Jim Hollis (and guest Geralyn) @ FISPA

Mike Hunter @ InSite Support Services, Inc.

Dane Jasper @ Sonic

Christopher Jeffery @ InSite Support Services, Inc.

Amanda Johnson @ FISPA

Eric Johnson @ FISPA

Ivan Kohler @ Freeside Internet Services, Inc.

Kyle Kulow

Anders Lindehall @ COS Systems

Steward Linsmith @ VETRO FiberMap

Jefff Lytle @ Sandy Beaches Software

Olof Mars @ COS Systems

Doug Mauro @ TruePath Technologies

Sean Myers @ VETRO Fiber Map

Barry Newberger @ Telco Systems

Mark Ogden @ Adtran

Nick Pena @ The Fibersmith Company

Shannon Perruzzi @ Telco Systems

Allen Pooley @ Ranch Wireless

Shawna Pooley @ Ranch Wireless

Kelly Preston @ TruePath Technologies

Peter Radizeski @ RAD-INFO INC

Matthew Ramsey @ Login

Lance Richard @ REACH4 Communications

Gabe Rincon @ Computer Technologies Group Inc.

Wallace Rowan @ Dason Zhone

Daryl Russo @ IPiFony Systems, Inc.

Ellen Slezak @ BillMax Billing Solutions

Donny Smith @ The Fibersmith Company

David Snyder @RevTel

Mike Taylor @ Telamon Corporation

Kenneth Thomas @ Comcast Business

Eric Tolbert @ Newbreak Communications

Randy Turner @ Walker and Associates

Kris Twomey @ Law Office of Kris Twomey

Suzanne Urash @ CRE8 Group

Marianne Van Meter @ Legacy Capital LL

Dusty Wade @ IPiFony Systems, Inc.

Joel Wakefield @ South Valley Internet

Brian Worthen @ Mammoth Networks