FISPA Board Meeting (open to members & invited Guests)

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FISPA Board Meeting (open to members & invited Guests)

Date:  Monday, February 5

Time:  2:30 – 5  (also see noon – 2pm Gathering Event)

Room:  LaFitte A

Open to FISPA Members in good standing.  If you have topic you’d like to discuss with the Board – please notify the Executive Director in advance.  Open means ‘quiet chair’ in the room unless the President solicits member comments or recognizes a member’s ‘request to be heard’.  The president may also declare topics or portions of the meeting in ‘executive session’ and ask that members excuse themselves.

Agenda Items (sequence determined by presiding Officer)

Confirmed:           Clay, Dane, Brian, Kris, Dan B, Kyle, Dan F

Unconfirmed:     Carson

Absent:                  Bill

Guests:                 Peter @ RAD-Info, Eric Johnson, Nominated 2018 Board of Directors

Introduction “How is FISPA Doing” by Executive Director

I       Quorum & Board Picture

II     Approval of Previous Minutes – December 14, 2017 Conference Call

III   Nomination Committee Reports

IV    Seating of the Board

V     Election of Officers

VI    Financial Report

  • 2017 Financial Results
    • Credit Card Processing Changes
  • 2017 Budget Results & 2018 Budget Planning
  • 2017 Tax Return/Review/Audit

VII   Old Business

  • Marketing Report RAD-Info
  • Market Place Director – Eric Johnson
  • 2018 Meeting Schedule
  • Vendor Reports
    • Project ‘Wind Down’

VIII   New Business

  • 2017 Refer a Friend Results
  • 2017 Churn Report
  • 2018 Committees
    • Event
    • ED Compensation

IX    Open Discussion

X      Adjourn

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