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Fiber Success Stories

Date:  Tuesday, February 6

Time:  1:45 – 2:30

Room:  LaFitte B

Master of Ceremony:  Marvin Golden @ City of Thomasville CNS

Listen, learn, and ask questions during this shot-gun style member success story line-up that provides member answers to:

  • How did they find an opportunity?
  • How was the project cost estimated?
  • Who did project management?
  • Does the financial result match the business plan?
  • Three things you must do and three things to avoid.
  • Quick Q & A.

Success story line up:

  1. Jay Dominque @ REACH4
  2. Using Software to increase your probability for successful Fiber builds – Bryan Gabriel @ Mainstream Fiber
  3. Kevin Brown @ Quantum Telecommunications
  4. Chris Frost @ Cruzio
  5. Sam Cook @ Seimitsu
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