E-Rate Workshop & Luncheon Cruise

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E-Rate Workshop & Luncheon Cruise

Date: Sunday, February 4

Time:  11:30 Depart Hotel for Marina (7.2 miles, 22 minutes)

Time: Noon Depart From Marina at 103 S. Roadway St. New Orleans, LA  70124

Return: 2:30-ish

Location:  Troy’s Cruise Boat

RSVP: executive.director@fispa.org

DAY OF EVENT HOTLINE:  Call/Text Jim @ 704-582-3783

Cruise Captain and E-Rate Workshop Leader:  Troy Bourque

Description:  For many years and many previous FISPA meetings Troy and Jason have been generous with their E-Rate expertise and sharing their wins, losses, and bidding strategies.  Join them once again as they walk both E-Rate newbies and veterans through the find-opportunities-to-get-paid-to-build-your-network process.  Don’t miss this – you will have a good time and learn something on this trip (aka session).

RSVP Confirmations:  Jim Hollis & Robert Jones @ FISPA, Dan Bubb (and guest Connie) @ Gorge.Net, Gabe Rincon @ Mobius, Kevin & Ranell Ansley and Justin Griffith @ Pathwayz, Danny Garner @ GEAX Tech

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